My story about growing up South Indian in America.

Meet Lavanya, an Active Member in Fall 2020 and now WIC Intern!

Introduce yourself!

I’m a sophomore from Warren College majoring in Computer Science. Currently, I’m in India and that’s something different from everyone. But other than coding, I love to paint and have been painting since I was five. I’ve also been learning how to rock climb since I joined college!

How did you get into CS? What is your journey?

I got into computer science by first learning Scratch, I loved making that little cat dance! I was really motivated by the fact that…

An in-depth walkthrough of WIC’s latest summer side project, from UI redesign to fresh implementation using ReactJS

Landing page of our new website live at !!
A personalized landing page on our new website now live at !!

General Motivations

  • Our website was previously built using an online template. Now, many online templates are gorgeous and excellent options…

Celeste Ng’s uncovering of the injustices in America

My journey of falling in love with a sport and myself.

What I wish knew about the SWE Internship Hunt.

Graphic of empowering women in tech fields
Source: Ananya G. on Dribble

Find out about the incredible applications the teams created over our 10-week software engineering program.

How fiction taught me about the world’s harsh realities

sravya balasa ♂

cs, design @ ucsd. intern @instagram @viasat @salesforce. lover of outreach and dogs!

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