An in-depth walkthrough of WIC’s latest summer side project, from UI redesign to fresh implementation using ReactJS

Hello! We are Women in Computing at UC San Diego, one of several UCSD organizations dedicated to serving computing students, but specifically the female presence in computing. As we board members readied ourselves for a new virtual quarter, revamping our website from scratch was the first step we took to warmly welcome our incoming students.

Our new website is live here. Read on to see how we did it.

Landing page of our new website live at !!
Landing page of our new website live at !!
A personalized landing page on our new website now live at !!

General Motivations

  • Our website was previously built using an online template. Now, many online templates are gorgeous and excellent options…

Celeste Ng’s uncovering of the injustices in America

Little Fires Everywhere is the first of two Celeste Ng novels I have had the pleasure of reading and both times I have been blessed by Ng’s gift to craft plotlines so detailed, so vivid, you forget that the tears streaming down your face are for fictional characters. It is a vivid story about two small-town families whose lives quickly become intertwined. Seemingly unproblematic and lighthearted initially, the book escalates quickly, with the heavy topics of motherhood, race, classism, culture, sex, and making your own story underlying every word. A must-read.

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My journey of falling in love with a sport and myself.

I’m not your typical athlete.

My lack of hand-eye coordination, for lack of a better word, is pathetic. Actually, it’s practically nonexistent. I vividly remember joining my city’s soccer team in elementary school and being never passed the ball due to my lack of aim in passing it to my teammates. No one helped me and I was relegated to the sidelines. Due to my failures, I developed a self-conscious streak that continued throughout middle school and high school, where I continued to be chosen last for teams, hit the volleyball backward during games, and would shiver at the thought…

What I wish knew about the SWE Internship Hunt.

Graphic of empowering women in tech fields
Graphic of empowering women in tech fields
Source: Ananya G. on Dribble

As another season of Software Engineering Internship hunting ramps up during the COVID-19 pandemic, many students in technology majors and I have been absurdly stressed about landing internships for Summer 2021. Indeed, as a computer science/computer engineering/cognitive science/data science/whatever science major, an internship at a tech company is the gateway to new knowledge, prestige, connections, and the beginning of a stable and fruitful career. What part of that is not stressful?

None. Since I’m a junior at the University of California, San Diego studying Computer Science, this is my second major recruiting season for internships. After going through the interview…

Find out about the incredible applications the teams created over our 10-week software engineering program.

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Women in Computing Summer Dev is a 10-week long program that allows students to work in teams and build a real-world project. Due to the far-reaching effects of COVID-19 and its impact on industry hiring, we wanted to give small teams of undergraduate students the space to gain relevant technical skills. Students were able to work on a structured project under mentorship from fellow UCSD undergrads and a fast-paced schedule, effectively maximizing their summer. …

How fiction taught me about the world’s harsh realities

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D uring, my middle school years, I did just that. Every Saturday starting in 6th grade, I didn’t sleep in. I’d pull down my dad’s comforter and drag his half-awake self to the car so I could go to the library and add another eight books to my ever-growing pile as he scrolled on his phone near the entrance. Instead of watching TV, I’d excitedly hole myself up on one corner of the couch for the rest of the…

sravya balasa ♂

i’m an undergraduate @ UCSD studying computer science, passionate about the intersection between technology, society, and art.

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